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Snowbee USA

XS-Plus Spectre Distance Floating WFSDF by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

The XS-Plus Spectre Distance Floating fly line will provide long and accurate casts when fishing dries, buzzers, and damsels in stillwater and larger river systems where distance is needed to reach targets in difficult fishing conditions. 

The NEW Spectre Distance series fly lines have a new profile, extending their range compared to our traditional XS fly lines. All Spectre Distance fly lines are 30ft longer in total length to account for their outstanding performance. The rear taper on the Spectre Distance fly lines start at a much extended 39ft, nearly a third longer than normal XS lines! This provides a manageable load point much longer than normal, so where back-cast room allows, a significantly longer cast can be achieved without having to add bulk to the fly line.

Snowbee lines are renowned for being very slim and the XS-Plus Spectre Distance Floating line is no different. The head lengths are extended to add weight. This allows the slim fly line to cut through the wind while being less affected by wind resistance, and with a longer head already extended, the cast automatically travels further. The slim running line then comes into play, and this combination accounts for the increased line length of 120ft rather than the standard 90ft. 


Bottle of Line Slick included.