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Snowbee USA

Snowbee Fluorocarbon Leaders by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

Snowbee  Fluorocarbon Leaders combine the benefits of fluorocarbon, with the convenience of a tapered leader. Snowbee Fluorocarbon leaders are ideal to assist presentation and turnover whether Stillwater or river nymph fishing, especially in crystal clear waters with extended fluorocarbon tippets on 9ft leader.

Model Length X-Rating Tip Diameter Breaking Strength
FL9-2X 9ft 2X 0.24mm 8lb 
FL9-3X 9ft 3X 0.21mm 6lb
FL9-4X 9ft 4X 0.18mm 5lb
FL9-5X 9ft 5X 0.15mm 3lb