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Snowbee USA

Slimline Fly Box by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

Ultra-slim profile fly boxes that slip easily into any shirt or vest pocket.

Made from a tough, flexible, crack-proof ABS for durability, which is also transparent on the lid for quick, easy fly selection. The high density, pre-slit ethnafoam liners hold flies firmly and neatly in position and although these are not a new idea, what makes Snowbee’s boxes different, is the ‘cut-outs’ between the rows, allowing even large, hackled dry flies to be stored without crushing the hackles. The ethnafoam liners are mounted on white colored back-cards so flies are more visible for easier fly selection. Each box has 9 rows of hook-slots holding up to an impressive 234 flies securely.

(Flies not included)


  • Ultra-slim profile slips easily into shirt or vest pockets
  • Manufactured from tough, flexible, crack-proof ABS for durability
  • Clear, see-through lids for easy fly selection
  • High density, pre-slit ethnafoam liners holds flies firmly and neatly
  • Cut-outs between rows allow even large, hackled dry flies to be stored without crushing.
  • 9 rows of hook-slots hold up to 234 flies securely.



Fly Capacity


7.24” x 3.85” x 0.51”