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Snowbee USA

SFT Neoprene Gloves OD by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

For the first time, you can have a neoprene fishing glove that allows you to feel everything and remains 100% dry, and protects your hands from the unbearable pain of handling your catch in the frozen water.

Unlike traditional neoprene gloves where the seams are normally butt glued and blind stitched, with our Seamless Fusion Technology (SFT) the seams are welded and then an ultra-thin, highly elastic tape is applied. The result is a 100% waterproof, seamless product.

The SFT Neoprene Gloves utilize a 4-way high-stretch 100% CR (Chloroprene Rubber) neoprene, but at only 1mm thick, giving you the pliability and dexterity that you have ever experienced with any other neoprene gloves.

Silicone, screen printed palm and finger panels for superb grip and feel, allowing you to strip, even when wet.

Now you can wear a pair of fully enclosed neoprene gloves to fish, not only you can strip the line, but you can feel the line tug, and boldly immerse into the cold water to retrieve your catch.