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RealTree Fire Starters (50 Canister) by QUICKSURVIVE

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Fulfilled by our friends at QUICKSURVIVE

  • Combining Realtree's most versatile hunting camouflage with, QuickSurvive's signature waterproof fire starters, we present Realtree Fire Starters. Stock up, be prepared, and enjoy the great outdoors with our camouflage fire starters. The Realtree Fire Starters 50 Pack comes packed in a lightweight canister and can be used to start 50+ Fires. Our camouflage fire starters light when wet, and burn at 750 degrees for up to 10 minutes. If the fire starters get wet or freeze, they will still light as they are 100% waterproof inside or outside of the packet. Realtree Fire starters were designed to accompany the rest of your Realtree gear on your next, hunting trip, camping trip, or anywhere else you have Realtree. Our fire starters will also light with a Flint Starter, which we then recommend opening the packet, shaving with a knife or paracord bracelet.