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Snowbee USA

Prestige G-XS SW by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

New for 2022 Prestige G-XS SW Saltwater Fly Rods  

(Rods Will Be Stock in One Month) 

Each rod in this series has a unique, pearlescent electric blue finish to the blank, with two large, SiC lined titanium stripper rings plus hard chrome, saltwater resistant high lift snakes and a hayfork tip ring, all assisting effortless casting. There is a keeper ring for those that require one and the handle is made using ultra-high Super grade North American cork. The reel seat is satin finish aluminum, to keep weight to a minimum, anodised for a corrosion-proof finish in saltwater. The butt extension is of the same high grade cork and tipped with rubber composite cork, for additional wear resistance. 

9'0" 7WT | 4pc

Responsive, 9ft casting machine, designed for accuracy and expert presentation. Ideal for general purpose saltwater and predator fishing, for the likes of Bonefish, Jacks and Bass, with smaller flies and where more finesse may be required. Still very powerful, the hidden energy in these rods is awesome with a smoothness you would not believe. The new Graphene construction provides that unique tip recovery & performance which is unsurpassed by any other material. Every rod possesses the progressive tip action now familiar with all the Prestige G-XS range, which provides sufficient flex to generate maximum line speed and accuracy at distance, as well as holding onto hooked fish, with a vastly reduced risk of losing them in play. 

9'0" 8WT | 4pc

Designed for larger predators and casting bigger flies where necessary. Often the preferred weight when likely to experience windy conditions and bigger fish, as so often encountered on the coast. More powerful than the #7wt rod but still light in the hand and the ideal choice for Bonefish, Permit and Pike especially and ideal for the increasingly popular fly fishing for Carp. Same butt and finish as the #7wt; just a beefier version for use with a heavier line and larger flies. 

9'0" 10WT | 4pc

The most powerful in the saltwater series, yet still deceptively light and easy to cast. Ideal for presenting large flies with ease as well as being very capable of taming muscle bound predators in all waters. Same construction as both the lighter models, except for a slightly longer butt extension, to help when playing larger fish. The perfect choice for Permit, Tarpon & all larger predators.