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Snowbee USA

Micro-Loop Connectors by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

To complement our current range of standard braided loop connectors, this range of Micro-Loops allow for quick and easy attachment to fly lines. Made from a double layer of premium braided nylon, with a thin wall and silicone sleeve to lock them in place. 

The Micro-Loop Shooting Head Junction Kit is a quick and easy way to rig and change shooting heads or Multi-Tips. The kit contains 2 of our Micro-Loop Connectors plus one 4" long Loop Connector so the whole head can be easily passed through, for "loop to loop" connections.

Model Variant Breaking Strength Pack Quantities
MLC-T4 Trout 20lb Pack of 4
MLC-S3 Salmon 30lb Pack of 3
MLC-J3 Jumbo 50lb Pack of 3
MLSHJ-S Shooting Head Junction Kit - Salmon 30lb 2 Micro-Loop Connectors plus one 4" long Loop Connector