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Texas Fowlers

Drake MST Bonded Fleece Pant by Texas Fowlers

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Clothes don't make a duck hunter but they sure can make a day of standing around in frozen water a whole lot more comfortable if you are wearing Drake MST Bonded Fleece Pant. 100% Waterproof fabric helps deter water penetration. 280 weight fleece lining bonded to the legs  make these pants a pleasure to wear under waders or by themselves in a blind or pit. These duck hunting pants are the most popular Drake pants and they are guaranteed to perform in the harshest of weather, and guaranteed to be a pleasure to wear.   MST Bonded Fleece Pant relaxed jean cut fit with built in ankle garters, and foot stirrups in the leg openings.  Match the Drake MST Bonded Fleece Pant with any D