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Texas Fowlers

Drake LST Refuge Glove by Texas Fowlers

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Fulfilled by our friends at Texas Fowlers


The LST Refuge Gore-Tex Glove, like all Drake Gear,  is comfortable for a successful hunt but is waterproof and insulated to keep you warm. Too many insulated "hunting" gloves on the market feel like wearing a bulky oven mit, but our goal was to design an insulated hunting glove that offered a perfect fit and plenty of flexibility to maneuver and perform the necessary movements required while hunting, driving an ATV, or operating a boat.  The LST Refuge Gore-Tex Glove has 200g insulation on the back of the hand and 140g insulation on the palm.  Two insulation zones create lower bulk and better grip on the palm and maximizing warmth where you need it most.  These gloves are sewn with Refuge HS shell fabric and coated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to shed water at the surface and for 100% waterproof but breathable protection, this