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Texas Fowlers

Drake Guardian Elite™ Timber/Field Jacket with G3 Flex™ Fabric with BMZ System Liner by Texas Fowlers

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Fulfilled by our friends at Texas Fowlers

The new redesigned G3 Flex™ Fabric is made for the days in the field with your back against a tree.  The shorter length, along with the lower pocket drain holes, is made for wading!  

This jacket is THE answer to shell versus insulated! With the Body Mapping Zone System you can adjust your layers to each days conditions.

All the BMZ System layers have multiple removable panels with hook and loop fasteners to all complete customization even while you're wearing them!  It even comes with a pack to place the layers you shed. 

Now you can start the cold morning warm and cozy and adjust your panels as the day warms up to keep you comfortable all day in the field!