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Texas Fowlers

Drake Floating Blind Bag by Texas Fowlers

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Fulfilled by our friends at Texas Fowlers

Large- $50.49
X-Large- $62.49

Drake's Floating Blind Bag is a great option for organizing and protecting your duck hunting gear while traveling or while in the field. The bag features 18 separate pockets to easily separate and organize shotgun shells, caps, gloves, calls, snacks, or anything else you may need. Two liners protecting the main compartment ensure that all your gear will stay dry no matter what.

  • Large measures 18"x11"x10 with 18 pockets and X-Large is 20"x12"x11" with 20 pockets
  • Durable polyester and PVC construction
  • Floating design
  • Transparent map pocket
  • Shell pocket
  • Handles and over-the-shoulder strap for easy carrying
Product Features Color: Realtree Max4|Realtree Max5|MossyOak Breakup Infinity|MossyOak Blades|Old School Brown|Old School Timber |ShadowBranch|MossyOak Shadowgrass|MossyOak Bottomland
Size: Large DW351|X-Large - DW352