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Crua Culla™ by Crua Outdoors

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Extend your Camping Season

The perfect winter tent for camping for your boat, RV, existing tent, cabin or yacht. The Crua Culla Cocoon patented TT insulation blocks out bright light provides amazing sound-dampening against intrusive noises, and regulates the tent’s interior temperature. What does this mean for you? A snug, peaceful environment and assurance you will wake up ready for any adventure. 

Originally the Crua Culla Cocoon was designed to be used in conjunction with the Crua Duo and Duo Maxx – the two go together like mac and cheeses – the Crua Culla Cocoon transforms any tent spacious enough to accommodate it, into an insulated tent able to withstand the four seasons.

How do you get the perfect night’s sleep when you are camping? Simple, buy a Crua Culla™ Cocoon. Perfect for those early morning sunrises to give you that extra well-deserved sleep.  The Crua Culla Cocoon falls under Crua's modular tent series. Deploy as is or combine with the Crua Duo Lightweight 2-Person Hiking Tent or any tent it will fit into to.

Check out the size of your tent to see if the Crua Culla™ inner cocoon will fit your tent.

  • Width: 4.4ft/52.5" - 132cm
  • Length: 6.8ft/81.6" - 203cm
  • Height: 4ft/48" - 122cm
  • Total Floor Space: 29.9 sq. ft / 2.8 sq. m

Here are a few examples of 2/3 person tents the Crua Culla™ accommodates:

  • Coleman Sundome - Floor size: 7 x 5 ft (2.13 x 1.52 m) - Height - 48"/4ft*
  • Tangkula 2 person tent - Floor size: 6.33 x 4.5 ft - Height 57" / 4.75 ft*

The Crua Culla inner cocoon tent falls under our modular tent series. Deploy as is or combine with the Crua Duo Lightweight 2-Person Hiking Tent to create the Crua Combo or the Xtent to create the Xtent Combo

Buy the Combo and SAVE today.

NOTE: The Crua Culla DOES NOT retail with an air pump. Please navigate to our ACCESSORIES section to order the air pump separately.

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