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Snowbee USA

Classic Dry-Fly Box with Threaders by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA

Our Classic Dry-Fly Box is built with a tough polypropylene body in a double-sided clamshell design. 5 fine, wire fly-threaders are included and can be mounted for dry flies and small midge patterns. Capable of holding up to 235 flies securely. 

  • Tough molded polypropylene for strength & crack resistance
  • Double-sided clamshell design allows lid to fold 180º for easier access
  • Micro-slit ethafoam holds flies of all sizes securely
  • White interior background for easy fly identification
  • Set of 5 fly threaders, for quick fly threading
  • Two front lugs for attachment to neck lanyard
  • Holds up to 235 flies
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.6" x 1.1"