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The Whiskey Ball

Chalkboard Flight Tray with Whiskey Tasting Glasses by The Whiskey Ball

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Fulfilled by our friends at The Whiskey Ball

With 4 tulip tasting glasses included, this flight is a fun and convenient way to serve up samples at your bar, restaurant, brewery, or distillery. Tulip glasses are ideal for sampling craft beer, single malt whiskies, Scotch, and Irish whiskey. Whatever's on tap, this flight paddle helps you deliver satisfaction and a unique presentation that guests will remember.


  • Perfect for serving samples of whiskey, beer, or other beverages
  • Tulip shape enhances aromas and flavors
  • Write-on chalkboard surface allows for easy labeling
  • Elegant design is easy to hold
  • Crystal-clear glass beautifully showcases contents
  • Walnut finished tray measures 12" x 6"