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Snowbee USA

Camo Tippet “Spectre” Copolymer Nylon 50m by Snowbee USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Snowbee USA


Camo Tippet Improves Presentation

Spectre Camo Tippet is an extension to the Clear XS rage, this line has been further processed with finesse in mind, for the truly serious game angler. Camo Tippet has been treated to add natural green and brown colors, to blend effortlessly with its environment. The knot and break strength exceed all expectations and the stretch and suppleness provide a unique product, rarely experienced before. Whether fishing fine dry fly tippets, or Light Rock Fishing off the shore, this material could provide the best solution yet for unmatched tippet performance and stealth, coupled with the ultimate in presentations.

Comes in 50m spools.

Camo Tippet Advantages From Snowbee USA


  • Ultra-soft and supple for drag free presentation
  • Medium stretch for sensitivity and superb knot strength, combining to give the maximum “break off” resistance
  • Camo colored to break down profile and provide an ultra-stealthy presentation
  • Low memory and amazing strength for the ultimate leader/tippet performance
  • High abrasion resistance 

XS "Spectre Camo Tippet Size Chart







2.5lbs / 1.1kg 7X
15922 0.14mm 3.5lbs / 1.6kg 6X
15923 0.16mm 5lbs / 2.3kg 5X
15924 0.18mm 6lbs / 2.7kg 4X