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Bulletproof Fieldline Pro Series Matador Hunting Backpack by Atomic Defense

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Fulfilled by our friends at Atomic Defense

Bulletproof Fieldline Hunting Backpack

When hunting season rolls around, you need a bulletproof hunting backpack that has the space you need for a day-trip. Keep the essentials with you in the Fieldline Pro Series Matador 29-Liter Hunting Backpack.  Lightweight, comfortable, and spacious, this camo hunting backpack is made for short excursions.

These bulletproof backpacks are available in three defense levels, meeting NIJ IV, NIJ III and NIJ IIIA standards. Reach out to Atomic Defense to learn more about wholesale rates and shipping options.

  • Industry Leading Features: Adjustable yoked shoulder straps and a padded back.
  • Ballistic Resistance: Ranges from NIJ IIIA, NIJ III, and NIJ IV standards. This tactical backpack protects against .44, .357, 5.56x45, 7.62x39, armor-piercing rifle ammunition, and more.
  • Testing: Each of our bags undergoes testing based on the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) standard 0101.06 for body armor.


    • Bring what you need for a short adventure or hunting trip in this camo hunting backpack
    • Features 2 big pockets with a large, 29-liter capacity
    • Large 3/4-opening main compartment gives you the space you need
    • Keep game cameras, ammo, snacks, and other gear organized with the 3-pouch organizer
    • Lightweight backpack travels comfortably with adjustable yoked shoulder straps and padded back
    • Includes water bottle pouch on the side
    • Style: Real tree MAX-1 XT
    • Color: Brown


    • Backpack size: 15.8 inches by 15 inches by 0.5 inch.
    • Brand: Fieldline w/ Atomic Defense Bulletproofing
    • Closure Type: Zipper
    • Includes Handle: Yes

    Assembled and in the Box:

    • Fieldline Backpack
    • NIJ bulletproof plate (based on the protection level you select)


    Q: How Much Does Each Bulletproof Level Weigh?

    • Level 4 (IV): 7 to 9 pounds, about the weight of a laptop or a gallon of milk.
    • Level 3 (III): 4 to 6 pounds, about the weight of a jacket or a small laptop.
    • Level 3A (IIIA): Between 0.8 and 2 pounds, about the weight of a plastic water bottle or a 70-page notebook.

    Q: Is the Bulletproof Insert Removeable, or Sewn into the Bag?

    It's removeable. This is the best way because it allows you to wash your backpack and the insert separately without damaging the integrity of the plate. This will allow you to monitor the insert to make sure it's not damaged and is still performing at our high standards. You'll also be able to place the plate in the best location for you within the backpack. For example, some may prefer to have the plate in the laptop sleeve near their back, while others prefer to place it near the front of their bag to protect the contents of the backpack while simultaneously protecting themselves. The choice is yours. When your backpack becomes dated or out of style, you can conveniently transfer the bulletproof insert into any other backpack or bag of your choosing. We constantly test backpacks for their ability to fit our plates comfortably without shifting their weight, and only about 1 in 30 are selected to be featured on our website.

    Q: What Bullets Can This Bag Withstand?

    This backpack protects against various types of firearms, including:

    • NIJ IIIA: Handguns up to .44 mag and .357.
    • NIJ III: Rifles up to 5.56 and 7.62 M80.
    • NIJ IV: Armor-piercing and API. 

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      As a parent, you should feel confident in the bags and products you use to take care of your children. Order your Bulletproof Backpack from Atomic Defense to conveniently store your child's essentials while adding an extra layer of protection to your disposal. 

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