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Texas Fowlers

Avian-X LCD Laydown Hen Decoy by Texas Fowlers

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Fulfilled by our friends at Texas Fowlers

This lady is ready and waiting! The Avian-X LCD Laydown Hen's body, wings and head simulate a hen turkey's authentic breeding position. It's a compelling invitation, and one that's been the demise of many a boss gobbler. She pairs perfectly with the LCD Quarter-Strut Jake to create a scene that a boss gobbler just won't tolerate. This pose can also double-down as a highly realistic dusting hen during mid-morning setups. The Laydown Hen does it all and then some!
  • Relaxed, comfortable position signals she's ready to breed
  • Calms turkeys down
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Mimics natural reflection of real hen feathers
  • PVC dura-rubber quiets movements
  • Realistic movement without unnatural spin