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Texas Fowlers

Audax Ox Adult Hunter Pro Package Black by Texas Fowlers

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Fulfilled by our friends at Texas Fowlers

Adult bow packaged with the essential accessories needed to fully outfit your archery adventure. Precision machined sight for increased accuracy and adjustability, rest, 6 stabilizer, quiver with mounting bracket and setup instructions included. For your convenience, the d-loop and peep sight are preinstalled. The Ox weighs a mere 3.9 lbs with an adjustable draw length of 19 31, and draw weight ranging from 45 60 lbs. With a stability enhancing Axle to Axle measurement of 36.

Features:Draw Weight: 4560 lbs.;Draw Length: 19"31";Axle-to-Axle: 36";Weighs: 3.9 lbs.